#rebuildACCRA is a global campaign to raise money and request services to answer the immediate needs, the medium and long term issues facing Accra and her people.

We are calling on Ghanaians at home and abroad, on everyone who loves Ghanaians or Ghana to engage, support, donate to this global campaign. Dead, displaced, mourning, grieving we are a devastated nation. We are also a determined nation. So this is a campaign by the people for the people.

We are issuing a global call to action, to re-build, to stand up, to come back better, stronger. Let’s #rebuildACCRA. That means people, places, homes, health, lives, livelihoods. We need you, your money, your expertise, your service. Can you give? Can you spread the word? Can you repost? Can you retweet? We each can do something. Do 1 thing.
Let’s #rebuildACCRA, #angerINTOaction, #grievingINTOgiving


Supporting on the ground organizations and radio stations in their relief efforts.  Specifically, African Health Now. Report stories via this website, our Facebook page and media of those efforts. So DONATE TO AHN led by NANA EYESON AKINOWO.  They are on the ground right now.


We will highlight medical organizations coming to Ghana to offer pro-bono medical services. We will gather details of organizations and individuals offering services to support relief efforts. We will pass that information to relevant authorities.


We will use journalism as a development and accountability tool. We will create a Public Service Press Conference to monitor and report government projects,  monies to the public, and use of individual’s services. We will partner with local and global media to report these issues.