Esther Armah is a multimedia journalist. Armah has worked across print, radio, television for 20 years in London, New York, across Africa and now Ghana. She is an international award winning journalist, political commentator, playwright and public speaker. Armah lived in New York for 8 years and worked as a radio host, a television political commentator, a playwright and a writer. In New York, Esther hosted WBAI99.5FM’s morning talk show ‘Wake Up Call’ for 4 years, for which she was awarded ‘Most Valuable in Local Radio’ by prestigious magazine’s The Nation ‘2012 Progressive Honor Roll’. Armah created and hosts ‘The Spin’, a weekly syndicated one hour talk radio show that is recorded and distributed via BBC Accra, Ghana, NPR, New York and the African American Public Radio Consortium (AAPRC). The show airs in Ghana and US: it airs in Accra, Ghana on Citi FM 97.3 every Wednesday 7pm; and it airs on 9 states in the US including: New Jersey, Arizona, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi. She was a political commentator on BBC Focus on Africa, CNN, HuffPostLive, BET, MNN, ARISEtv and MSNBC. She appeared on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry, Up with Chris Hayes, Up with Steve Kornacki, All in with Chris Hayes, MSNBC Live, Weekends with Alex Witt, and News Nation with Tamron Hall. Armah was a Contributing Writer to mainstream news magazine, where she writes on the politics and practice of emotionality and how it shapes policy and politics, culture and race, relationships, individuals and institutions. She has written for Essence,,, Huffington Post,, The Network Journal, and Gawker Review. Armah is a playwright, while living in New York, Armah wrote 4 plays ‘Can I Be Me?’ ‘Forgive Me?’ ‘ENTITLED! Saviour?’ all have been produced for the New York stage. Esther’s 4th play SAVIOUR? debuted in New York 2011 to critical acclaim and sold out audiences, was then produced again in Chicago in 2014, and will be produced in 2015 again in Illinois. As a sought after public speaker, Armah’s has spoken at a range of prestigious institutions that include Stanford, Columbia, the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Annual Conference, Omega’s Holistic Center. Armah has created and moderated multiple events across media, politics, literature, international issues in New York including for The New York Times, Columbia University, and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The Brecht Forum, and NYU.

In London, Armah worked with the BBC for 10 years. She worked across BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC 1Xtra, BBC World Service, and BBC Television. She was a law reporter, an investigative reporter, a documentary maker, a radio host. On BBC television she worked in front of and behind the camera. She wrote for The Guardian, Black Britain, and The Weekly Journal.

In Ghana, Esther is a practicing journalist, a media content creator and a lecturer. Esther teaches L400 Multi Media Journalism at African University College of Communications (AUCC) in Adabraka, Armah has appeared as a guest on Metro TV’s ‘The KSM Show’, and was a guest on Citi FM’s Breakfast Show for the 4 week series ‘The State of Global Blackness’. Armah has been featured as a guest speaker and writer at Ashesi University. Armah hosts her globally syndicated radio show ‘The Spin’ from BBC Accra.

As a journalist, she has reported and travelled to Washington DC, Philadelphia, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Lesotho, Ghana, New York. Esther now lives in Accra, Ghana.